Subject Re: [ib-support] Interbase in the memory (RAM)
Author Ali Gokcen
There is a virtual-RAMDISK drive in windows 9x systems, called
you should write it in config.sys:
DEVICE = C:\WINDOWS\RAMDRIVE.sys [ capacity] [ cluster size] ( use
system help for details)
( choice cluster size same as PAGE_SIZE of your db)

in win2k there is 3th party drivers,
i found one of them for you from web.
look at

Give a small size to pagefile.sys ( windows.swp) to force windows to use
phsical mem (RAM) if you have enough.

after all, if you still have performance problem, you can try my old advice.
you can use a fixed record length file for insert, you can query it from IB
as a table, can insert. but update/modify/index.
i think you can insert more than 50,000 recs/sec.
Your query performance will not reduce because IB nearly reads all rows
from a table to create your CURSOR.
you can delete this file after move it to an archive table in idle time.
( look langref.pdf to create table as external )

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From: Simon Rydberg
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Subject: Re: [ib-support] Interbase in the memory (RAM)

How do you create a RAM-disk???
Is it hard? Is their any info about it on the web?


One thing you would might want to do, is to create a RAM disk and then let
your TMP swap space point to that. That would help on performance.