Subject Re: [ib-support] GLIBC version to install Firebird RC1/RC2
Author Paul Schmidt
On 29 Dec 2001, at 11:21, Daniel Severo Junior wrote:

> Hi,
> I'd Like to know if the GLIBC 2.2 libraries are really necessary to
> install FireBird RC1/RC2.
> I Have a Conectiva Distribution of Linux 6(kernel 2.2) that Bundles
> with GLIBC 2.1.3. Does Exist any possibility to install the Firebird
> with my Version of GLIBC (2.1.3)
> If this is not possible and i must upgrade my GLibC to 2.2 then how
> can i make this without crashing my actual linux instalation ?

You probably don't *need* 2.2, other then potential bug fixes and
code cleanup there haven't been real changes to the C library
function set and arguments, since long before Linux existed, I still
use a C manual from 1987. It's just that the pre-built binaries were
compiled on a machine that uses 2.2 as it's default library.

Which leave you with two possibilities, either you upgrade to the
2.2 libraries or grab the FB sources and compile your own copy.
I have never tried compiling from the sources, but I understand it
can be a real bear. So perhaps the best feature we could
implement for FB 2 is to get this process down to running a script
at 10:00pm, and waking up to a nice installed set of binaries, with
a running server and a text file telling the results of running the
compile and the basic test suite. Then the FB team wouldn't need
to distribute a set of binaries, just the Windows ones.

I> I would aprecciate If anyone could help me.

Paul Schmidt
Tricat Technologies