Subject Re: [ib-support] %100 CPU usage with interbase, is it usual?
> Thought he just brought it up yesterday...
> > trying to do has already been posted, so his NOT repeating
> > it is probably good netiquet. What he is doing is
> I would tend to disagree, especially in the general case. Not giving
> enough information is counter-productive and also wastes the time of
> those trying to help out, since advice given is more likely not be
> applicable to the situation. Within reason, the greater the quantity
> of relevant information a poster can include about his problem, the
> more likely a fast, succinct answer will surface.

I use Netscape eMail for the list - All the previous bits
just pop up when I select the correct sort - That and I have
answered previous questions from him.

The original question goes back a few weeks and was 'How do
I import data from a text file'. He has come on a long way
since then, and at least has got something working. The
original questions did not get the answers we have seen in
the last couple of days and might have pointed him a
different way, but I think that the main problem has been
that while the original text file source was quite small,
the number of records is growing faster than was originally
expected, so the simple approach is now proving a problem.

I think Kursat has probably learnt enough to see where his
problems are, so can make the changes that are being

> > I know ABOUT perl (after 30 years programming), but I don't
> > know where to get it or how to use it !! So how does Kursat
> > ???
> He didn't say he can't program in Perl. Even if he is a newcomer to
> Delphi and/or InterBase and/or SQL RDBMSs, that doesn't imply he is
> (a) stupid; (b) ignorant or inexperienced in other programming
> languages (I personally know, in "real life", several people who can
> program but who aren't professional programmers); or (c) isn't
> interested in knowing about a technology that could make his life a
> lot easier in the future (i.e. Perl in this case).

From previous posts - he probably started programming this

> By the way, if you've been programming for 30 years, it's time to
> learn Perl! ;-) It's hard to imagine that it couldn't save you
> thousands of hours of work, like it has for me over just the last two
> years (and it has done that for me as a helper language, and not even
> as my main programming language).

I simply have not had a need to use anything other than the
tools I currently use. All my data is in FB/IB format now,
imports from other systems while slow are deminishing as we
replace the source with an IBO powered equivalent. All
reports go out via FastReport. All built in C++/Builder for
the last ten years. What do I need perl for?

> > Pointers please because I could not find them - I had a late
> > night none computer related <g>
> Good for you! ;-) How was it?

Must have been good - I can't remember <G>

Lester Caine
L.S.Caine Electronic Services