Subject Re: [ib-support] Fwd: Need your Help
Author Woody
From: "Ann W. Harrison" <aharrison@...>
> People,
> Can someone help this person? My ignorance of
> Delphi is exceeded only by my unreasoning dislike
> of BDE.

Are they going to receive this or will you have to forward it to them? Never
mind, don't answer, it doesn't matter to me anyway, does it? <g>

> >From: "essa alarusie" <alarusie@...>
> >
> >Dear Sir/Madam:
> >I am DELPHI programmer, I create my database by Interbase Client &
> >- I created table that contains of four fields ( Number, Days, IMonth,
> >IYear). From explorer of Database into DELPHI, I manually inserted values
> >for tow fields, as following:
> > Number Days IMonth IYear
> > 1 1
> > 1 1
> > 2 1
> >after few minutes, I was trying to insert values to Other ( IMonth,
> >IYear) fields in the first and second record. I could not, and this wrong
> >message was allows appear:

Here, it sounds like you are trying to insert the same records more than
once, or I am misunderstanding you. If you are simply trying to edit them,
that would be a different situation. What querys are you using to insert the
values in both cases, the first and second? What data components are you
using in Delphi?

> >
> >but when I was trying to do it with IBConsole, I did it successfully.
> >Can you tell me the reasons that made it is possible in the first time (
> >by BDE " explorer of database into DELPHI").

I would highly recommend dropping the BDE for something else like IBX, IBO,
etc. It will cause less headaches now and in the future. But, when using the
BDE, it does some extra processing that IBConsole probably doesn't do, so
there are going to be some differences when working with data.