Subject Re: [ib-support] %100 CPU usage with interbase, is it usual?
Author Luiz Alves
Months ago, I posted a similar case and Ann answered that is normal. The cpu
was going to 100% during bulk insertions from a dbf database to interbase.
It was staying in 100% during several minutes and while that was happending,
no other connection is allowed to database. I was using IBO with tib_cursor
and Firebird to this task. After some time, all come back to normal.


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Subject: RE: [ib-support] %100 CPU usage with interbase, is it usual?

> At 05:53 PM 28-12-01 +0200, Kursat wrote:
> >I have only one table, 3 field, and 1.000.000 record txt file, I
> >read data from txt file with a while loop using IBODatabase, IBOQuery,
> >IB_Script, first delete all the record, and then read the data one by
> >insert into GDB and then post. thats all. PIII 650 my computer is, 192
> >WinNT
> Kursat:
> You must provide more information!
> If you are using IBOQuery and its Delete and Insert methods for bulk data
loading then your approach is totally WRONG. Worse, I suspect you are using
Autocommit which will be adding hugely to your overhead. I can't imagine
what you are using IB_Script for !!!
> You don't mention what the source of your input file is but you should
either arrange to receive it in fixed-length format or write a script (e.g.
using Perl, as David T. suggested) to convert it.
> Then, all you have to do is declare an external table on the basis of your
file's format and use a single DML statement to pump the data into another
table (if that's what you need to do) or to call a stored procedure to
process the external data directly.
> With IBObjects, you simply need to use the TIB_DSQL component - NO
DATASETS!! Use one to perform and commit the Deletes of old records first
and another to fire off the statement you need to repopulate the table. You
can use a TIB_SessionProps to control the batching of the input statements
so that you can commit in batches of 10,000 records.
> Alternatively, you can set up your own datapump using a TIB_Datapump...
> regards,
> Helen
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