Subject Re: Re: [ib-support] Build a SQL string in a SP execute it?
Author Govindkrishna
At 12/27/01 10:37:00 PM, you wrote:
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>You can't do this in InterBase. Unlike SQL Server, InterBase pre-validates and pre-compiles its triggers and stored procedures. You can't create SQL objects in SPs at all, be they statements, tables, indexes, whatever.
>Can you describe an example of what you want to do and someone will show you the IB way to do it...

Thanks for the quick reply.

For e.g. I am writing a inventory program. My parts master has 120 fields.
Based on the users/department and authorisations.
I build up an SQL statement which will return only the appropriate fields.

Authorisations etc. are user configurable.
With this scheme the front end just displays all the fields that are returned.

So how do we do this in IB.