Subject Re: Firebird support case insensitive??
Author francis22222000
--- In ib-support@y..., "Arda Tunccekic" <arda@d...> wrote:
> Is this the proper way to achieve this with delphi?
> SELECT x FROM y WHERE upper(something)= "'+ ansiuppercase(a_string)
+' " ' ;
Thank you,

Yes I know that I can do this way, but I'm looking for a server
capability (like mssqlserver), also I know that a year ago there was
a modification of gdsintl.dll ( that has a
couple of Case Insensitive collations orders, but I think that the
project was closed and don't work with ib6.

It's a good issue for firebird, don't you think?

Thanks again,

Francisco Ruiz