Subject Re: Firebird support case insensitive??
Author francis22222000
--- In ib-support@y..., Helen Borrie <helebor@d...> wrote:
> At 10:50 AM 26-12-01 +0000, Francisco Ruiz wrote:
> >Hello Folks,
> >
> >Firebird supports case insensitive indexing, How can I try this
> >feature?
> Where did you read this, Francisco?
> Helen

Sorry Helen, I read this in the Open Feature Request :ยท), supposing
it's a main feature.

I'm crazy looking for an alternative to MsSQLServer and Oracle, and
Firebird is perfect for this, except this issue. For me all around
charcase and collation is not well implemented on Interbase and

Thanks and Merry Christmas,

Francisco Ruiz