Subject Re: [ib-support] RECREATE statement
Author Paul Reeves
Martijn Tonies wrote:
> Well, let's release a RC2 patch or new build?

Xmas only comes once a year, and it isn't today.

That aside, whenever a release is made, a bug will always be fixed the day
after. Right now, this particular fix does not warrant the effort involved.
There is a lot of work involved in preparing, testing and releasing
simultaneously across the Win32 and Linux platforms. We've done this twice in
two months.

RC2 may uncover a whole slew of new and important bugs that need fixing before
we go to final release. In which case I guess there will be an RC3. Otherwise,
I expect that the Firebird team will concentrate on minor bug-fixes and
packaging - with full release of v1.0 in the new year.


Paul Reeves
taking InterBase further