Subject Re: object in use error
Author the_k_dubb
--- In ib-support@y..., "Ann W. Harrison" <aharrison@i...> wrote:
> At 05:35 PM 12/20/2001 +0000, the_k_dubb wrote:
> >Our application uses the C API, with multiple threads. We use one
> >connection per thread, and this is working fine. The problem arises
> >when we need to add a table to the database, or drop one; certain
> >functions fail, (randomly near as I can tell). I usually get "XXX
> >object in use", but sometimes it is "unsuccessfull metadata
> >All threads but the one are totally idle, just still connected. Is
> >there any way to get around this, w/o making all but one thread
> >disconnect? (the logic for this will be very complicated for us).
> >ideas at all are welcomed....please help!!!
> Have you tried having your idle threads release all their prepared
> queries? The two errors you're seeing are really the same - object
> in use is a secondary error that clarifies the more general
> "unsuccessful metadata update". The error arises when some
> has an "interest" lock on the object in question. "Interest" locks
> don't interfere with reading or writing instance of the object, but
> prevent deletion or modification of the object itself. A prepared
> request gets "interest" locks on the tables and indexes it uses.

How do I release prepard queries?