Subject Re: [ib-support] Unusual server lockup 10061
Author Artur Anjos
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Subject: RE: [ib-support] Unusual server lockup 10061

> I have a pretty dumb one:
> WinNT has a built in mechanism to lock users out as soon as the max
> connection limit (NT Licenses) is reached.
> Could it be that the NT-Server has not enough licenses entered in the
> setup?
> Well, this is really a last-chance idea, but something similar happened
> to a friend of mine last year :-)

We have already discuss this on this list, quite often. As long as the users
don't login to the server, just connect to IB/FB from port 3050, there is
not such limit control. The limit is only to the users login to the server.
Does your friend need to login to the server? I think that was the cause.

I don't like Windows, but we have to live with it... I have many
installations with NT 5 user servicing more than 30 users with no problem.
(Except the usual problems of using NT as OS, of course).

Artur Anjos