Subject RE: [ib-support] About default values
Author Kaputnik
You can define Dafault-values on a domain level, but these can be
overridden (is this correct english?) by the user. Defaults work only as
long as a NULL is left in the fields at posting time.
Triggers are working server-side and start to work when the user did
stop, so the server has full control over the record before physically
writing it.

I do not directly define the fields manually, but have a small tool,
which will generate the alter-table DDL and the trigger-ddl
automatically for me using IB_Script from Jason Wharton's IBObjects and

Nick Josipovic

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> I am no sure if I understand this well - my question is : can be in FB
> somewhere defined what fields are generated for every new table (like
> SYS$CHANGED_BY) or do you define these fields manualy for each table?
> have
> similar fields in my tables too and it would by great not to bother
> time with the same definition.
> Ales Kahanek