Subject Re: [ib-support] IB Database planning
Author L'Attila
Thank you. I trust this list for a long life.

Bye: L'Attila

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Subject: Re: [ib-support] IB Database planning

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> > Thanks for your ideas.
> > So another theme: is MERS IB-list dead?
> Read this page, a tiny message at the top:
> «Sorry, the MERS Newsgroups are now close.»
> Close? Close to be killed, revamped, translated to binary?
> I assume Rob wanted to say "closed".
> A teamB member said Rob should be thanked for the years he held the
> I do not dispute it. I left Mers forums more than a year ago. I only have
> regret Rob's long standing policy of not warning and not explaining
> to anybody, even his loyal forum readers. In short, not having 1% of
> politeness, as always. You know, he's the list owner, he can do anything.
> But for a community that you've grown in your site, you're -as the list
> owner- expected to send a final message and say at least
> "The forums are closed definitely. Thanks for your interest"
> before pulling the plug, right? I don't have anything to complain
> personally, because I wasn't there, but I feel sorry for the people that
> believed sincerely they had found a temporary technical problem that would
> be overcome and there was nobody to confirm or deny their basic question:
> what happens? Then some people posted to Borland's NGs. Rob's being a
> that replies to a few tech msgs there, he could have said "yes, any email
> news forum is closed at Mers, spread the notice" or post the same URL I
> showed above (less keystrokes, if this is his problem). Of course, he
> didn't. Someone told me that he continues receiving the list's periodic
> membership confirmation msgs. This is totally confusing.
> I hope egroups won't shut down us one day without previous warning. I've
> heard stories about Inet-cable companies giving up and pulling the plug
> same day.
> :-)
> C.