Subject RE: [ib-support] IB Database planning
Author Kaputnik
I use Visio to draw a database and InterBase Workbench to create it
Most people prefer a case/ER-Tools to generate a database, but a good book
(The Data Model Resource Book from SIlverston at Weiley and Data Modeling
Essentials from Simsion at Coriolis are the two best books I know on the
subject) and paper and pen are my preferred way of working. Visio does only
one job for me: visualizing and printing what I did before on the paper. It
can do DDL and indizes and fk's and so on pretty well, but its not optimized
for DB-planning in its usability and it needs pretty long to get productive
with all these dialogs which are not resizeable.

XCase can do interbase 6 and goes for $399. I had a conversation with their
webmaster about the quality of the website, and they assured me that the
product is much better than the site :-) Well, I only downloaded the trial,
but it was quite a nice product ( ships the XTG Datamodeler which is visually very
appealing. They also did an Interbase 6 ODBC Driver which is freeware and
the product itself is $139.
DeZign for Databases by is also a very nice product with very
limited reverse-engineering capabilities, but also pretty cheap ($139)

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> Hi all!
> I'm looking for an useful tool for database planning. It's not
> matter if it
> can generate script for IB.
> Thanks in advance:
> L'Attila
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