Subject Re: [ib-support] what's the best database design for this problem...
Author Daniel Rail

Just to let you know that the way you are thinking is a good
approach. This is how it's tackled in the software we develop and we track
for multiple doctors at a time for the same office. And, we do use more
than 3 tables though, because of the amount of data and type of data for it.

Daniel Rail
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At 15/12/2001 07:07 AM, you wrote:
>I'm developing an appointment system. The users are able to enter
>holidays on which no appointment is possible. They are also capable
>of telling which periods in a day are possible to make appointments
>(overbooking parameter, etc)...
>The holidays and time periods should be adaptable.
>Now, so far I made for this problem 3 tables:
>1. The appointment table (containing the appointments)
>2. The Holiday table (containing the days on which no appointments
>are possible)
>3. The Planning Table (containing the periods on which an appointment
>is possible)
>With code I would find a correct appointment and add that into the
>appointment table.
>Now, I don't know if this is the right approach... Are there better
>Eg. Usage of only one table, in which you have a parameter which says
>the entry is an appointment or a not possible day,period.
>Or, just I make a temporary, view table, which combines the three
>tables into one?
>I imagine some of you, more experienced database applications, know
>how to tackle such problem in the best way. I hope you would like to
>share your knowledge with me.
>Thanks in advance!