Subject Re: Lack of interest in Firebird/JDBC combination? was FW: [ib-support] How to connect with SQL dialect 3 using interclient (JDBC)
Author Claudio Valderrama C.
"Agustin Gonzalez" <aggonzalez@...> wrote in message
> Herbert,
> I downloaded the interclient 2.0 compiled with the JDK 1.3. But now, the
> interserver (V1.60) is complaining of a incompatible direvers (see stack
> trace at the end).

I always thought that the right configuration was the same version for both
ends. Furthermore, if you go to Borland newsgroups, you will see that server
2.1 (or 2.01, don't remember) doesn't work with client v2.0.

Paul Beach did a couple of changes to this thing some weeks ago, you should
look for info at

Third, nobody has abandoned Java as a connectivity for IB. Whether Borland
published latest sources or they won't publish you can ask them. It seems
that latest version from them is only in the certified version. Anyway, as I
said, Paul Beach was working on a couple of bugs.

Fourth, Interclient/interserver doesn't seem to be a miracle of design. If
you go to the ib-java list, you can get more information. If you read the
posts in fb-devel through the newsgroup or through the archives at yahoo,
you will see that there's another driver being developed, basically by David
Jencks and Alejandro Alberola. You are welcome to join efforts in any of the
two camps, the old and fat interclient or the new JDBC/JCA driver.

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