Subject Re: [ib-support] TIBDataset append error into BLOB
Author Paul Reeves
szsani wrote:
> Hi all
> I get following error on TIBDataset.AppendRecord if my field is BLOB:
> " conversion error from string "BLOB" "
> Result is same when I try with IBConsole or IBAccess.
> But some people said on newsgroups Firebird can direcly insert into
> BLOB. I have Firebird 665 on Win2k.
> Can anyone help? Thanks in advance.

See if you can run these commands via ISQL:

create table myblobs(acol integer, ablob blob sub_type 1);
insert into myblobs(acol,ablob) values (1,"astring");
select * from myblobs;

You should end up with a successful select of one row.


Paul Reeves
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