Subject Re: [ib-support] How get update a TIBQuery attached to a TIBQuery
Author M Patterson (Multinail)
> > We're moving to the Interbase, using the interbase components provided in D6
> > Pro. There's no requestLive property in TIBQuery, and everything we've tried
> > so far has only resulted in readonly being true.
> >
> > How can we get our result set to be editable in a DBGrid?

> You must use the TIBUpdateSQL component with the TIBQuery to make it
> updateable. Either that or just use TIBDatasets anywhere you need a live
> result set. I tend to use TIBQuerys for executing server side operations or
> static sets such as reports, etc.

We tried that, connected the TIBDataset to the grid, put out query into the
SelectSql statement, and then tried to edit with the grid. It still refused to
change. Is there something we're missing?