Subject Re: [ib-support] internal gds software consistency check (decompression overran buffer (179))
Author Salim Naufal
I did get the same without having to fetch data. As a matter of fact, my
database was even empty.
But, when validating the database, I did get errors reported. (I can't
remember which ones)

I then backed up (on RC1) the database and restored it (on RC1) and still
had the problem.

This is how I got the problem: The database was created with the Beta
version. I simply updated the server from the Beta version to the RC1
version without backing up and restoring the database.

I then tried backing up the database on the Beta version and restored it on
the RC1 version and the problem went away.

I did not inverstigate the problem further and therefore cannot assert that
this is what should be done.

Did you create the DB in the Beta version then just update the IB Firebird
server to the RC1 version?

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From: Arda Tunccekic
Sent: Thursday, December 13, 2001 11:55 AM
Subject: Re: [ib-support] internal gds software consistency check
(decompression overran buffer (179))

Sometimes I get database corrupted and page size error messages with
firebird RC1.

I use the firebird client with win98 2nd edition.
The server operating system is mandrake linux..
When I check the db, it says there's nothing wrong.

I think this happens when I run multiple queries that play with and fetch so
many data.
When I wait for 20-30 sec, restart the client program and run the query
again, it runs..

Just a report...

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