Subject Re: Design database question
Author gkrishna63_1
Is the Generator an INT64 ??
The documentation says it is an INT and when i tried to set the value
using interbaseworkbench I found that it was only allowing upto int

Is there any setting that i have to change to make generator an int64.

I would really like to use this idea but hesitate to do so when it is
only int

> 1) Assign each database a range within a generator, a generator is
> an INT64, so you could easily assign a range, say 2,000,000,000
> values to each database meaning you could have up to
> ~2,000,000,000 ranges, when they get merged, you start at the
> next range above all of the other assigned ranges, and continue on.
> However if you don't guess the range size well, you end up having
> to sign additional ranges. Up until the merger time.

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