Subject RE: [ib-support] Re: Please remove the ambiguity check
Author Josipovic, Nikica
No problems to come at all as long as the SQL is proper done.
Every problem resulting from Ambiguity checks have their cause not in the
SQL-Engine, but in the user who did create the SQL.
You wouldn't have been able to create ambigous SQL in DB/2, Sybase and
MS-SQL. Interbase did it, although the SQL-Standard does not offer this
possibility, and the Firebird Team simply removed a "bug" in terms of
Standard SQL.

Its perhaps a bit harsh from me to say it (and my excuses in advance), but
every problem occuring is the users fault.
Because you can throw a TV-Set out of the window without the window warning
you about it, it is not a good thig. Because you can put a cat in the
microwave oven it is not a good thig to do. Because IB did let you write
queries which could give you back unpredictable and incorrect results, you
should've taken care of this then already. Now firebird does it correct and
warns you that your query is not alright and it might bring back wrong
results and refuses to work is not a problem, but simply honesty of the


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> Subject: [ib-support] Re: Please remove the ambiguity check
> Even though I have promised to stop moaning about this, I suspect it
> is going to cause me, and others, problems for some time. For
> example, I have a query joining 3 tables, which opens fine in a
> TIBOQuery, but which gives an ambiguity error if I call the Refresh
> method of the query. Whether or not it is IBO's fault, or my fault,
> or FB's fault, it suggests there are lots of problems to come.
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> >
> > >Roger: the problem is not the optimizer, but the DSQL layer.
> >
> > Err, not entirely. When the engine parses and compiles the
> > blr that DSQL generates, it does the same sort of thing.
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