Subject Re: External File
Author rogervellacott

I am very grateful to the experts who offer their time and effort to
reply to people's queries on this list. It is not really fair for us
to use the list as a substitute for the manual, or as a kind of
interactive help system. Answers to both this and your previous
posting are, IMHO, readily obtainable by looking in the standard
documentation. We should all make some effort to answer our own
queries before demanding time from other people.

--- In ib-support@y..., KURSAT TASKIN <kursatt@e...> wrote:
> Hi, I need help on external file, I have a text file its data
format is
> something like this,
> ACIBD_E,20000615,3.7655
> ACIBD_E,20000616,3.5259
> ACIBD_E,20000619,3.5690
> ACIBD_E,20000620,3.6461
> ACIBD_E,20000621,3.5956
> ACIBD_E,20000622,3.4327
> ACIBD_E,20000623,3.3152
> ACIBD_E,20000626,3.0941
> ACIBD_E,20000627,3.2244
> ACIBD_E,20000628,3.3381
> ACIBD_E,20000629,3.4118
> ACIBD_E,20000630,3.5001
> there is 3 field, Code, Data, Close for example 20000630 means
30/06/2000 I
> need to convert this into gdb. therefore I need help on external
> thanks