Subject RE: [ib-support] Re: Please remove the ambiguity check
Author Leyne, Sean

> How come there is such a strong streak of Puritanism in the developer
> community, as though it was immoral in some way to write code that
> works, but which fails to conform to some ideal of perfection.

Obviously, you haven't looked at the SQL standards... (I'll leave
mother Brown to explain the 'fact of life' ;-])

> Our clients have written hundreds of queries which are saved and re-
> used as part of their in-built reporting systems. Many of these will
> have so-called ambiguities, even though they have been running
> correctly for a year or more. How do I explain to them that their
> report-writing is morally defective and is no longer to be tolerated?

Remind again, what engine version are they running?

> You can imagine how difficult it is going to be for us to move people
> from IB to FB.

People will move for any number of reasons, they already have -- there
have been almost 60,000 downloads of the Firebird Beta2 engine alone
from the Firebird SourceForge site.