Subject Re: Two problems: charsets and gbak
Author alex_vnru
--- In ib-support@y..., "Douglas Tosi" <douglasht@i...> wrote:
> > transliteration
> > > erros whenever I try to read values with non-low-ASCII chars.
> My DPB in TIBDataBase is:
> user_name=sysdba
> password=masterkey
> lc_ctype=ISO8859_1
> And the error also occurs on IBExpert and IBConsole.

Never encountered such a problem. Maybe it's charset/collate
problem, I use WIN1251. Check also FB client software are installed,
IB client don't work properly with FB now. If you have both installed
on client machine, be shure that IB gds32.dll is'nt accessible when
you work with FB.

> There is an rdb$security on rdb$generators.
> Where can I get the latest build? Is it, in general, as stable as

I watch two lists on - sourceforge.firebird-devel to
follow discussions about bug fixing and sourceforge.firebird-checkins
to know what changes are included to last build. If I interested in
this changes I go to or and
download using link "nightly builds". My opinion - current last builds
are more stable than RC1. Maybe even as stable as possible. I have
installed 609 and 632 on two servers where we make development
(metadata and data changes, test runs of applications) on the copy of
complex and rather large production database, which in real life is
served by 0-9.4p1. Just now I have not serious pretensions to both
this builds. I must say I don't work with BLOBS (have no need) and
views (because there was always various problems with them in IB).

Best regards, Alexander V.Nevsky

P.S. To Claudio Valderrama C. - Claudio, I hope you will not be
disturbed by earthquake this time after my public declaration about
stability, I've made spells of precaution :))