Subject Re: Borland strikes back with IB6.5???
Author alex_vnru
--- In ib-support@y..., "Wilson, Fred" <Fred.Wilson@m...> wrote:
> Well, let me play devils advocate for a moment.
> Let's see,
> - number of releases from Borland post IB5.6 -> 2 (IB6.0, IB6.5)
> - number of releases from Firebird -> 0

Fred, do you prefer label "release" on incomplete work? Or maybe
label "release" on at least no less stable than IB6 0-9.4 and 0-9.5

> We (the company that I work for),
may have
> to go to Borland for IB, since "real soon" has been a "real long
time" ;)

It will be your choice. I prefer to wait release of FB which I
tested in many instances and know it's strong and weak points. And
IB6.5 trial to check for known bugs. And maybe some unknown.

Best regards.