Subject Re: Borland strikes back with IB6.5???
Author alex_vnru
--- In ib-support@y..., Clément Doss <cdoss@d...> wrote:
> Any comments?

Hi, All. After all, each of us estimates product from point of view
"what personally I can get from it". If respected Robert will'nt have
an objection and interpret it as assault on Borland, I want to grant
my 2 cents. I use Classic server on Linux, so my opinion on new
features of IB 6.5 that are not implemented or not fully implemented
in FB:

1. As far as I understood, 64bitIO implemented to Windows and Solaris
only. Why not for Linux? I think Linux users are second in number
after Win.
2. Large cashe means near to nothing for Classic. I doubt I ever want
to assign more than 2048 buffers per connection even for middle-weight
database system (20-40 users).
3. Possibility to kill erronously hard query - interesting for develop
time, I have'nt such a queries in production systems. And on Classic I
can kill process executing such a query just now.
4. XML. I don't make Internet applications and wonder what people can
get from it in traditional applications. Conservatism :)
5. Just now I try to invent application within which I need to update
or delete each tenth record. In the meantime unsuccessfull. :)

So, for me 6.5 is 6.1, no more. I'm not ready to change, for
example, fixed bug with SP syncronization for all this features and
wonder why there is not trial version on Borland site to test some
interesting for me points.
Let me join to wishes of success for both products and thanks to FB

Best regards and sorry for my English from dictionary.