Subject Re: [ib-support] internal gds error
Author Brad Pepers
On Monday 03 December 2001 12:32 pm, Leyne, Sean wrote:
> Brad,
> Anytime you see a "consistency" error you should run GFIX against *a
> copy of the database* to see if a real error exists.

I've done that and didn't find a problem. I also tried a backup and restore
and got no errors but it didn't fix the problem.

> Also, I noted that card_id is an ambiguous reference, if you clean this
> up the problem might go way.

Ah! I think thats the problem right there. My older code had ambiguous
column references which I fixed (originally because other databases were
giving errors and now Firebird is too). I thought that Firebird would give
an error about ambiguous column names though if this happened which is why it
didn't occur to me that that could be the problem.

Brad Pepers