Subject Re: [ib-support] Re: no gds_inet_server on Red Hat 6.2
Author Frank Schlottmann-Goedde
On Friday, 30. November 2001 14:59, Paul Reeves wrote:

> > Thanks, but my first objective is : Is there a optimation in TCP
> > protocol for SuperServer Version, as to avoid wait state ?
> It doesn't exist for the InterBase SuperServer release. Firebird has an
> option to set tcp_no_delay (which is the option I think you are referring
> to.) However, I do not believe that anyone has properly tested it. (ie, the
> switch will work but we are not sure if it yields any benefit.)
> If anyone has played with this option on FB1 RC1 I'd be interested to know.

It's no switch, it's an option called tcp_no_nagle in iscconfig.
If set to 1 it should do the trick.
I have never received any feedback after implementing this stuff,
so I would appreciate any comments, too.


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