Subject Re: Client distributions
I only put gds32.dll in the appl directory,
no other .msg or .dll files needed, and all
work fine.

Best Regards

--- In ib-support@y..., "Artur Anjos" <arsoft@n...> wrote:
> This is a 'quick approach'. Of course we will have some problems if
the user
> as some other FB application, or if FB as already installed.
> But for 'very controlled environments', this could be the quick
way. Someone
> (don't remember who) change FB for not look on the registry to let
> situation work.
> See below.
> > That's not such good idea (especially for msvcrt.dll which is a
> > Microsoft DLL). You will pretty much guarantee problems if
someone has
> > other InterBase or Firebird apps on the same pc.
> Yeap
> > Gds32.dll should be reference counted in the registry and should
> > installed in the system32 folder. Interbase.msg should be in a
> > that is referenced by the registry key
> >
> > ry.
> You just need to keep track of this if you put GDS32.DLL on
system32, as the
> installation does (and you have done a great job on this). If you
put it on
> the appl directory, as I suggested, ou don't need to keep track of
> number.
> Again: this is an easy 'quick and dirty way to let it work'. People
who use
> this approach should be aware of the 'in's and out's'.
> Artur Anjos