Subject Re: [ib-support] Interbase on Linux
Author Helen Borrie
At 12:52 AM 01-12-01 -0500, you wrote:
>Hi Helen,
> > 1. At what point do you receive this message?
>Immediately after entering the command.

WHICH command?

> > 2. What version of InterBase or Firebird was used to create the original .gdb file?
>Interbase 6.0.1 OE for Win9x.
> > 3. Do you have access to the original environment (platform, version) in which this database was created?
>No, all I have access to is the client computer running the app.

You said you can move the gdb file around from one Windows machine to another.
Why can't you gbak it on one of those machines?

> I'm suspecting the app is using some soft of funky names, because if I move the data from computer #1 running the app to computer #2 running the same app, the app "fails to connect" to the database.

Various application tools (e.g. ib objects) can store the algorithm for light encryption in the client machine's Registry. It is probably something like this.

Forget the application. If you have a Windows kit for the version that created the database, you can get a fresh copy of the security database (isc4.gdb) and the gbak program. Rename the existing isc4.gdb and copy the fresh one in. Then you can log in to the server as SYSDBA using a tool such as IB_SQL, using the password 'masterkey'.

>This is why I initially was asking, "How do I see the different users and passwords set for a file / server?"

You access them by knowing the SYSDBA password - then you can log in to isc4.gdb and query its tables. You won't see the passwords in clear - if you don't know them, you will have to change them, e.g.


This gets you a list.


update USERS set PASSWORD = 'tealeaf' where USER_NAME = 'DIAMOND';

..and COMMIT afterwards, of course.

Heck, Bob, I hope I'm not struggling to help you commit a felony here. <g>


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