Subject Re: [ib-support] Interbase on Linux
Hi Helen,

> 1. At what point do you receive this message?

Immediately after entering the command.

> 2. What version of InterBase or Firebird was used to create the original .gdb file?

Interbase 6.0.1 OE for Win9x.

> 3. Do you have access to the original environment (platform, version) in which this database was created?

No, all I have access to is the client computer running the app. I'm suspecting the app is using some soft of funky names, because if I move the data from computer #1 running the app to computer #2 running the same app, the app "fails to connect" to the database.

This is why I initially was asking, "How do I see the different users and passwords set for a file / server?"