Subject Re: [ib-support] When do FB/IB 'flush' to disk?
Author Paul Schmidt
On 30 Nov 2001, at 0:44, Phil Shrimpton wrote:

> The app works fine under Linux/Solaris, and the only problem I have
> with it running on Windows is the fact that this data is never flushed
> to the GDB files.
> As a work around, I have set the importer app to disconnect and
> reconnect at midnight every day, which is a minor bit of code, really,
> but it should not have to be done. The is a Windows issue, not FB/IB,
> all too often Windows leaves stuff upto the programmer to do that
> should be done by the OS.

What do you expect from the people who brought you DOS? I
think it's a task management issue, in Linux/Solaris the writing of
data to disk in lazy write mode, is a kernel process, with a very
low priority, so when the system is less busy, it gets some cycles
and completes, in Windows it's part of the file flushing and closing
routine, so lazy writes are so lazy they never happen. The solution
might be to add a thread to the Windows version of FB/IB, that
flushes the file, giving this thread a very low priority, it would
emulate the action that the Linux/Solaris versions take.

I think the idea in Windows, and this goes back to it's desktop
origins, is that it was never intended to have files open for days or
weeks at a time, but rather seconds, after all it doesn't take a week
to open a Word document, although sometimes it may seem like
it, I find it funny, that VisualC++ is still largely document oriented,
even though the world has largely become database oriented.

I wonder if this whole thread would be better on IB-Priorities...


Paul Schmidt
Tricat Technologies