Subject Re: [ib-support] Re: -- Comment
Author Ivan Prenosil
> From: Ann W. Harrison
> For what little it's worth, ISQL started life as a
> simple test engine for dynamic SQL and gradually
> morphed into the main interactive tool without gaining
> any of the structure or intelligence that a good
> interactive query language processor requires.

I use (W)ISQL as _test_ tool very often precisely for its simplicity
and near-zero intelligence. With "smarter" tools it is sometimes more difficult
to decide whether problem is in IB server or in tool/application (or middleware).

It is not isql's fault that people use it for other purposes it is intended to.

> Rather than teaching ISQL new tricks, we should get
> a new dog.

If the new dog will run on all platforms and will allow to set stupid-mode on,
why not.