Subject RE: [ib-support] Re: problem ... (switching back to postgresql)
Author Leyne, Sean
> Thanks Sean, this solved the blocking effect !
> Do you know why is the FreeBSD port so slow (compared for
> example with the old Interbase 4.0 on the same platform) ?.

Unfortunately, I have no idea!

I have not even heard of speed being a problem (compared to 4.0), on the
Firebird dev list (and I know that someone would have complained)...

> Of course it have many improvements but, could this affect so
> seriously the speed? Or is a build problem? (I am using
> pre-compiled versions for FreeBSD 4.3, FB 0.9 and actually FB 1.0 RC).
> It is a platform problem (semaphores,etc.)?

I have very little experience with *nix and absolutely none with