Subject Re: problem ... (switching back to postgresql)
No one answer this, no one experience slow connections on freebsd, it seems=
no one uses this DB on BSDs platforms with success (Linux too?) so I am swi=
tching back to PostgreSQL. I really made the mistake of thinking on give a t=
ry to a "commercial grade DB", but as more DBs I know more I like PostgreSQL=

My experience with Firebird on Freebsd :
- Slow . Very slow compared to PostgreSQL on same machine.
- The documentation is not complete from a unix perspective (although it s=
eem huge at first look).
- Some behaviors are not documented ( eg: connecting as root locks any oth=
er connection).
- (not atribuible to FB) PHP interface doesn´t work like the manual says i=
n FB 0.9 and RC.

Perhaps all this points are easy to solve, but I do not find any answer on =
this group, or in the web.

On the other hand, I find that "pure-open-source" databases have a vast use=
r base (and developers) willing to help.

I just tried to use Firebird.

Good luck. See you soon.

--- In ib-support@y..., cuncua1@y... wrote:
> I am testing FB with php, and when 2 connection (browsers) makes a select=
, =
> one of them aborts (connection closed by the server).
> Perhaps this is a problem with php, but when I try a connection from php =
> d a simultaneous one with the command line (FreeBSD), the browser one han=
gs =
> (if it was made later) or aborts if made after the cli one.
> It seems like it can´t support simultaneous reads.
> Anyone ?
> Thank you.