Subject Re: [ib-support] Firebird RC1 Backup & Restore Problem
Author Claudio Valderrama C.
"Raf Schandevyl" <Raf.Schandevyl@...> wrote in message
> I was running on a WINDOWS 2000 WITH RC1. What about your configuration ?

NT4 Srv SP6a.

> When I recreate the DB I still have the problem. I Cleaned up all the
> gds32.dll files on my machine, but keep having the same problem. Any
> idea where the look for ?

I created the db based on your latest script. Backed up and restored it.
Still no problems. Only a few reports about possible memory leaks in the LOG
file, because I'm using the debug version.
Remember to replace the utilities and that if you had FB previously, you
should wipe out the old INTL directory and install there the files that come
with FB RC1. We aren't compatible with older versions regarding INTL support
because Borland did a change last year to restore a missing field in the
INTL libraries that we didn't copy until a few weeks ago. With that change,
the extended collations can work with FB without change and we are
compatible with IB6.1 again.

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