Subject Re: [ib-support] Server Down Problem
Author Robert F. Tulloch
> > > Have GDB on both local and remote server for testing. Using
> > > IBConsole, I inadvertently
> > > clicked on the remote GDB when I had the server machine shut down.
> > >
> > > IBConsole sat trying to connect across dead network until it
> > > stopped responding. Never timed out.
> >
Just tested actual app with server shut down and it handled situation
by reassigning the local server when I had selected remote and
connected the local fine. Not supposed to have done that so I will
have to check my code. It changed all my reg settings from nts:C:\...
to F:\... created a share on local and set up my workstation name
\\ws1\\Sharename to access common files. This was only supposed to
happen on remote server. I guess it is too smart.

Bottom line is I think it will hang same as console if I didn't have
IB installed locally also.