Subject Re: [ib-support] [OT] Billion
Author Robert F. Tulloch
> After all most people could relate to a thousand, and most people
> can relate to a million, they might even be able to put the two
> together, but Billion is something most people can't comprehend,
> and they definitely can't comprehend Trillion (10^12 in American).
> So the fact the US owes it's bankers well over $100 Trillion (10^12)
> might beg the question, how come we have to pay our own
> medical, when Canada only owes C$250 Billion(*10^9) (C$1 =
> U$.65 I might add) and most medical procedures are covered by
> government paid insurance.
> That's one of the situations where I am happy to be Canadian, Eh;

I am glad that you are happy to be Canadian, but if it weren't for
the US and our huge debts incurred in the defense of freedom
EVERYWHERE we can defend it, you might be conducting your monetary
affairs in
yen, marks or rubles.