Subject Re: [ib-support] connection problem to firebird linux version on remote computer?
Author Claudio Valderrama C.
<william_yuwei@...> wrote in message news:9smneu+lsb8@......
> I've install firebird classic server linux version on my friend's
> computer, and I've install firebird window client on my computer,
> both computer connected through internet, when I try to connect
> to /opt/interbase/isc4.gdb on that remote firebird server by setting
> up the hostname and TCP/IP(login as SYSDBA and masterkey), it always
> give me an error "username or password not defined", I am new to
> linux, so I ask my friend to check the isc4.gdb, it seems that there
> is a SYSDBA record but the password field seems empty, we never
> change the record in the isc4.gdb, so what's happen?

Maybe the install routine changed the sysdba's pw and put the generated one
in some file inside
in the Linux machine.

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