Subject Re: [ib-support] Re: FK Error
Author Claudio Valderrama C.
""Ben Johnson"" <ben_johns@...> wrote in message
> Hi Alex,
> It seems the problem is only with the beta version
> of FB, for the FB1-RC1 it is creating the FK. Actually
> I was working on W2K and I have a RH 7.1 Linux installation, I tried to
create in on that machine and
> it worked.

A change was made because some record version are allowed to be repeated for
some reason. Also, there was an issue regarding which index is looked up in
the master table; it was inconsistent.

> I recently started working on FB, previously I was working on Sybase
and Postgres. This FB did not support
> deferrable FK? Any idea?

Deferrable is only a placeholder in the system tables. It's not implemented.
Values get checked as you post them. They could be checked at commit time by
plugging into the code that handles commit tasks, but it requires extensive
review, of course.

BTW, I can't say many things of postgres for lack of experience, but I could
fill a book with bad experiences regarding Sybase.

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