Subject Re: [ib-support] SP returning result sets?
Author Claudio Valderrama C.
""Paul Schmidt"" <paul@...> wrote in message
> What is meant by the term ACID, and how is that different from the
> IB/FB we all know and love?

ACID == concentrated vitriol. :-)

Well, in dbs it means atomicity, consistency, isolation & durability.

> I realise I am opening a can of small slithering hermaphrodite
> vegetarians here,

Why do you need to use such a complex term for a plain snail, are you a

> but I have heard the term a number of times, but
> nobody has explained it,

The term is not related to a MS technology. It's a concept about
requirements that a db engine should fulfil.

> other then that is the reason that MS-SQL
> (and I suppose the Sybase V10 it was hacked from) has the
> amazing ability to turn a 2GHz P4 into an XT.

Maybe because, same as Windoze, it takes thrice the resources in the machine
and asks for more. In contrast, Jim said that IB was happy with 16 MB as
much, so it means we have the opposite problem: IB/FB doesn't know what to
do with big amounts of RAM.

And now, can we continue discussing snails, please?

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