Subject Re: [ib-support] Idea for a new field type for FB 2,0 or IB 7?
Author Artur Anjos
Hi Brad,

Two questions:

a) Did you tried in a slow link?
b) For what you are saying, you are using some kind of 'lock wait'
- What happens if a client disconnects in the middle of the transaction? It
will take some time to FB find out and...

I think the document that Jason talk about (you can look at it at is a good reference point for 'auditable series': it
refers to lots of probabilities that could happen in diferent environments.
Maybe you are using the same approach (the variants could be various) and we
are talking about the same thing here.

I just want to remember everybody that the discussion 'auditable series' is
out off this topic. ;)

Artur Anjos

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> > Your system will fail under heavy multi-user load, count on it.
> No it won't. Sorry but I've done the above and tested heavily and its
> not the big problem that people in this group have made it out to be. If
> were recording real-time data from multiple sources then I could see the
> problem occuring but not in an application that is user driven. I've
> all the types of data creation from my application and the longest it ever
> takes is a fraction of a second. So even if 10 users all clicked on Ok at
> the same time to create new data, they might have to wait 1 second for it
> complete. So weigh this against the users desire to see an unbroken
> of numbers and its a no brainer. Its easy to do, in comprehesive testing
> causes no problems, and it solves a users requirement.