Subject RE: [ib-support] SP returning result sets?
Author Doug Chamberlin
Paulo Gaspar wrote:
>What I really miss is being able to return result sets ( = a set of
>rows = the result of some SELECT) from inside a Stored Proc.

To which I replied:
> Maybe I don't understand the details of what you are suggesting but I select
> result sets provided from stored procedures all the time in Interbase!

To which Paulo replied:
> I meant a la SQL Server, which is a bit simpler.

I replied:
> Which means what, exactly? I don't know SQL server very well. How is it
> simpler?

Paulo replied:
> For context take a look at my previous posting. But basically it means
that doing:
> SELECT * FROM someTable WHERE someCondition...;
> will return a resultset.

From other postings I see that Paulo knows about
FOR...SELECT...INTO...DO...SUSPEND so I take it that he finds this syntax
burdensome and thinks that it should simply be SELECT * FROM someTable
WHERE someCondition...;

Sorry, but I don't buy it. If that's all that the complaint is then I'm
dismissing it as noise.