Subject RE: [ib-support] SP returning result sets?
Author Doug Chamberlin
At 11/21/2001 06:39 PM (Wednesday), Paulo Gaspar wrote:
> > From: Doug Chamberlin [mailto:DChamberlin@...]
> >
> > At 11/21/2001 02:42 PM (Wednesday), Paulo Gaspar wrote:
> > >What I really miss is being able to return result sets ( = a set of
> > >rows = the result of some SELECT) from inside a Stored Proc.
> >
> > You mean you don't know how to do this is Interbase? Maybe I don't
> > understand the details of what you are suggesting but I select
> > result sets
> > provided from stored procedures all the time in Interbase!
>I meant a la SQL Server, which is a bit simpler.

Which means what, exactly? I don't know SQL server very well. How is it