Subject Re: [ib-support] Extract & SP
Author Helen Borrie
At 06:14 PM 21-11-01 -0600, Woody wrote:

>Everywhere I've been here in the states, all dates are entered with slashes.
>It's just that for reporting, most users like to see the full data

I think the point you miss is that, although the USA is the only country that uses the mm/dd/yyyy format, Borland-originated software persists in assuming that it is the default and common usage format everywhere.

Out here in "global territory" it is as automatic for us to write the date as 22/11/2001 as it is for you to write 11/22/2001. Borland's software constantly punishes us for not conforming to American standards.

This issue is not about seeing "locally correct" date formats in reports, it's about actually getting correct dates into databases.


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