Subject RE: [ib-support] Idea for a new field type for FB 2,0 or IB 7?
Author Paulo Gaspar
And same here.

GUIDs have a higher performance cost and do not solve some of the
same problems.

For instance:
- GUIDs are greeeaaaaatttt!!! when you have to insert data in
multiple database and then put it together;

- But GUIDs do not necessarily tell you anything about order and
sometimes you also want that from an generated int key. Just 2
possible reasons I come across all the time:
- You want to know the creation order of the records;
(Notice that a timestamp is "another field" you might not
otherwise need and system time adjustments - as in
daylight savings - might mess things up.)
- You are implementing some version control scheme.

Have fun,
Paulo Gaspar

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> Same here - I prefer numbers above GUIDs...
> Martijn Tonies
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> "This is an object-oriented system.
> If we change anything, the users object."
> > I would prefer that developers start using GUIDs/UUIDs as record keys.
> No thank you, 1 64 bit number is all I need ( and 32 would
> do )
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> Lester Caine