Subject Re: [ib-support] File Handle Bug
Author Helen Borrie
At 05:02 PM 21-11-01 +1300, you wrote:
>Will there be a patch to fix the file handle bug in Firebird RC1?

If you need to use Forced Writes, revert to the Firebird Beta 2 and wait for the another Firebird RC build that deals with the side-effects of what you erroneously call the "file handle bug". The change in fact fixes a Class 1 bug in the InterBase for Windows platform - it prevents shared write access on the database, which ought never to have been possible anyway. Thanks to a muddle-up in the Windows build, the change went into the RC 1 without proper confirmation of tests.

You are getting problems with RC 1 because changing Forced Writes now requires exclusive access to the database file, whereas before it was possible (if not particularly wise) to change it whilst the database was open for writes. Before you revert to Beta2, you might like to experiment with whether (with all connections to a test database closed and the database shut down) you can change the Forced Writes setting using gfix. It should be expected to work; and, in the current condition, gfix *won't* work on an open database file.

gfix -shut -at database_name

If that doesn't get rid of all attachments then do

gfix -shut -f 20 database_name (change 20 to whatever number of seconds' grace you want to give)


gfix -w sync database_name to turn forced writes on
gfix -w -async database_name to turn forced writes off

fwiw, "RC 1" means "Release Candidate 1" - the purpose of which is to build a release which is feature-complete, for the purposes of rigorous platform testing and for developers like Jason to work on support for changes and new features. If changes are found to have undesired effects on widely-used products (like ibconsole and IBO) the solution is not expected to be for the developers of those products to issue patches but, rather, to provide a way for them and their users to feed back and contribute to an improved solution.


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