Subject Re: [ib-support] Re: -- Comment
Author Paul Schmidt
On 19 Nov 2001, at 17:53, Ivan Prenosil wrote:

> /* */
> --
> Two kinds of comments !
> I thought real programmers do not use comments at all !

Real programmers load a hex editor and type machine codes
directly into an executable file. ;-)

Unfortunately a lot of programmers don't use a lot of comments, so
six months after writing something, when the client decides at
2:47am on a Sunday morning it must be fixed immediately, the
programmer looks at their code, and they start talking to
themselves, something like this:

Who is the %$#%# who wrote this @#$!, oh %$^#@, I wrote it,
well what the %$^@ was I thinking about when I wrote this @#$!%
%^@!$#. So many many non-billable hours, are wasted, when a
few billable hours could have been spent commenting.


Paul Schmidt
Tricat Technologies