Subject Re: some index questions
> Is it always better to use a generated field as a primary key?.
> Let say that in a table you can create a primary key with the first
> or 4 fields, will this bring a speed reduction?
> Or is it just by experience that you better can use seperate (auto
> generated) primary keys. I've read books/articles and one says you
> need to use a generated key and another one says that if you can
> avoid a generated key, you need that one...

> the latter was probably and ageing article. A modern approach to
> relational mapping of data calls for surrogated identifiers. With
IB you won't have any problems using them. You will almost certainly
see speed improvements and many less headaches if you do.

Sorry, I'm having problems understanding your answer, probably my bad
english. Am I correct if I understood it: 'A new modern approach to
relational mapping is using one field (preferable generated) as the
primary key?

Thanks in advance!