Subject RE: [ib-support] Best lanquage
Author Leyne, Sean

> You could all do an uprising and demand that I ban myself. <g>

That would be fun ;-]

> PS. I've been using only the newsgroup mirror you have been
> providing and it
> seems that a lot of my posts aren't showing up. Are there any
> known issues
> that I should be aware of? I'm using outlook express as a
> mail client. Is it
> possibly that timestamp issue where you don't see your own
> but others will
> see them?

To be honest, I really have no idea, I have BCC'd Mark O'Donohue on this
posting, since he's the one who does the actual sysadmin functions on
the news box.

I will advise of his response.

To be honest, I suspect, that the problem lies with YahooGroups, we
don't have the same problems with any of the Firebird lists which are
hosted by SourceForge.